Computers, Astronauts, Key West and you (and me)

It’s only been three years since I started HowToRockstar but much has changed. For one, I am in Key West full-time now though I have branched out to Jamaica recently. Next, I work on computers full-time, as well. Lastly, Humannaires has taken off into the most natural direction possible, meaning it was that astronautics and working with developing human beings (ie kids) was the right direction for me to go in.

All this means is that it was long past due time to change H2RS.

Since I live eat and breathe cpus and networks now I have to write about them. There is so much I do not understand but everyday there are one or two thing I discover that were a bear to discover recover or find and from which others might benefit.

My coding skills are bare minimal I understand enough to listen and that’s about it. My google skills however are formidable. People pay to Google, that’s how I look at it.

Since I spend so much time with Peter Downie (aka DJ Peter Worth) you would think I’d be into DJing more. But the whole dj thing seems played out. I seem more like and EJelectric jockey: Electricity and sounds electrical in nature, and showcasing these, this keeps me interested. And making happy noises!

When I arrived in Key West in 1965, who knew that even while I had left at an early age (before I was 2) the region would imprint upon my open and impressionable soul. Yet it did. Subsequently, this is where I am from. This is who I am.

I am glad we left then, and I am glad I came back. But in truth, in the end in order to be true to myself I had no choice: My soul literally screamed for this saltwater backcountry, these shores, and this side of the Gulf of Mexico. It had for as long as I can remember remembering.

(Undoubtedly this was at least partially because the entire time I was here, as first-born I had my (then-ecstatically) happy new mother and her mother—my adoring Nana—entirely to myself. My first memories are all of the two of them and I on the seashore of Marathon and the lower-Florida Keys. )

So I’m here, it’s good, and I have things to say. At the end of the day, this is HowToRockstar.