How to use HP Recovery CD/DVD Creator

It is presently common practice for computer manufacturers to (what I consider) fail to include recovery CDs or DVDs, claiming it adds to the bottom line. In any case, here is something important to know about HP’s Recovery CD/DVD Creator software: In order for the software to work and for recovery disks to be created, DVD+Rs must be used.

DVD+R. Not Not DVD+RW. Not DVD-RW. Exclusively and only DVD+Rs. Here is the reference at HP. It is less clear than one would hope (particularly to those of us with only limited experience with blank DVD media).

ALSO: It is worth nothing that 1) the Recovery CD/DVD Creator creates only one single set of recovery disks—be they the 18 CDs or the 3 DVD+Rs—and 2) that if the creation process is stopped mid-stream it will not restart at the beginning but at where it was left off. In other words, one shot is all you get.