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    What does EONW stand for? 

    End of next week. EONW stands for “end of next week”. It can also stand for Edge of Night Weekly. But chances are you are not skyping with a NYC marketing specialist who plays WOW. So, it’s end of the week. EONW stands for end of next week. Got it.

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    Little B & P Diddy “Basegods” Bay Area Rare footage 

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    Beastie Boys New Album May Three Hot Sauce 

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    Tags: bat boy, Recall Rick Scott, rick scott, Rick Scott is Evil   

    Rick Scott is Bat Boy 

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    Christy Moseley, the early years 

    Christy Moseley and her wife Marianne are two of my favorite people and best friends. (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong, Merryaanne’.) And once upon a time, like many of us, Christy was way young and a rockstar. This is how Christy used to rockstar.

    The best part about this is all the good parts are still true only better. Christy is still awesome, still beautiful, still compassionate, and still cutting hair for rockstars. Only now she’s married, pregnant, and living in Key West. Plus a whole lot more. If anything, all the experiences between then and now have made Christy one of the most beautiful people we know. She’s even better looking now than she was as the teen rebel pictured below. (You can tell she’s a real gRRRR-rrrirl.) CHRISTY MOSELEY CUTS MY HAIR and we love you, Christy!

    PS “Straight talk”? hahahaha

    Straight Talk
    Christy Moseley

    Photos by Erin Hurley

    by Melody Williams
    Tuesday March 18, 2003

    Christy Moseley, previously apprentice instructor and mentor at Nesbit The Complete Body Salon in Richmond, recently was promoted to educational director.

    Title: Educational director
    Organization: Nesbit The Complete Body Salon
    Previous position: Apprentice instructor and mentor at Nesbit
    Education: Bachelor of fine arts degree in painting and printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1997; received Virginia Cosmetology license from Richmond Technical Center, 1991; received instructor’s license from Central Virginia College of Cosmetology, 2000
    Career turning point: “When I started working at Nesbit.”

    “The position for me solidifies what I’m doing at Nesbit. At Nesbit I’ve always been the type of person that just couldn’t be a stylist behind the chair. I’ve always been a go-getter, one to jump on board. So it makes me feel like I have direction.

    “I’ve been in the industry for 12 years. The summer before college, before I started the AFO program, I worked as a shampoo assistant at a salon in Chesterfield. I liked it and went through an apprenticeship myself. So I learned to do hair the first year of college. It was great to earn extra money, but I found that when I was done [with the art degree], I still wanted to do hair. So I started full time at the salon I was in.

    “What I found through my personal experience was that there wasn’t anybody checking behind to see if the apprentices were cutting hair correctly. Salons weren’t regulated through the state. With this new position I teach other stylists how to teach apprentices. I’m also the network educator for Bumble and Bumble at our salon. They offer a lot of workshops. I’ve traveled to Connecticut, San Francisco, D.C. and New York, all for education for Nesbit. I’ve fine-tuned all the questions that I had about hair, about color. Being an educator, I grew so much from that. Three of those trips were actually with a salon consultant firm called Strategies. They help to encourage a more team-based environment within hair salons. To help encourage that environment there has to be skill sets in place. I help write these skill sets. These help ensure that clients receive the highest quality of service and that everyone knows how to execute procedures.

    “Also within this title I’m a salon team leader, which means I run team meetings for stylists. Within my meetings we exchange new ideas, brainstorm new fashion, hair. It all works together. I thank the owners Nesbit, Michael and the manager, Kathleen for our team-based environment.

    “Because the owners are in tune to education, we’re overly trained almost. We’re busting out of our seams to learn what is new, and we stay up-to-date. I help make sure our salon doesn’t fall through the cracks. It’s also a pleasure for me to see people grow.

    “I’m learning to be a leader right now and I’m learning how to really educate. Anybody can educate, but not everyone can inspire. What I do affects what they [students] do. Continuing to become more of a leader and to grow within that is a goal. I never want to get off the floor completely, because I don’t want to loose that creative aspect of my job.

    “[Advice for someone entering the industry] would be to be aggressive about your education, embrace it and take it seriously. Seek out as much education as possible. For anything that you do in your life, just make sure you’re happy and you enjoy what you’re doing.”

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    Good Night 

    There’s a little bright star next to the moon. Can you see it?

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    Is BP at War with the US? 

    Is it? Is BP at war with the US?

    There is anecdotal evidence galore.

    Disaster may be worse than 9/11

    BP planes attack Coast Guard with chemical weapons

    BP’s police protection units

    BP and EPA skirmish over dispersants

    Let’s say that BP was at war with the US. If they did so openly, it would be a cause for international alarm. The US would engage the US military. As it stands presently, BP is using the US military in their operations.

    By not declaring war on the US—and not being at war in a de facto sense, either—but rather “just” cleaning up a disaster, BP may be the first corporation to openly be at war with a nation.

    Why is BP at war with the US? That’s another question. But the first step is to acknowledge that they are.

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    Sony Vaio VGN-CS190 assembly repair take-apart due to broken Intel® WiFi Link 5100AGN 

    A friend’s Sony Vaio VGN-CS190’s wireless card stopped working. I told him I could fix it. Mistake.

    I could locate no take-apart guides or VGN-CS190 manuals online. Always a bad sign.

    So I went for it anyhow. And I cracked open the case.

    Here’s what I found: Nothing.

    Well, pretty much. And I did find that it’s pretty simple to take apart the Sony Vaio VGN-CS190.

    After I got the bottom off—the trick is to unsnap the plastic case hinges, which really just unsnap and then its open—inside was pretty obvious. All except for one thing. No visible Intel® WiFi Link 5100AGN.

    I did NOT want to have to go further…sigh…

    …so I contacted Sony’s customer service. You know, to kill time. I immediately started chatting with a customer service rep which was great. Very impressive, you know, how fast I was able to get a hold of Sony customer service and have them tell me that they don’t have that kind of information available because the way Sony Vaio’s are made is really special (“proprietary”) and that I should NOT take apart the laptop. And could I please confirm I got all that so the customer service rep could say that she/he answered my question? thank you.

    At least I didn’t have to wait long to be unhelped so professionally well.

    [to be continued…]

  • Mike Mongo 8:31 pm on January 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Router WRT310N 

    After installing two of these, I have to give credit to Linksys for providing such an easy-to-understand install for the Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Router WRT310N.

    Wireless routers can be tricky. They don’t have to be but they generally are. In fact, some are often nearly impossible. (Hello D-Link.) So when a wireless install is 1) simple, and 2) works, its noteworthy.

    Of course, if the router stank that would be a bummer. However, this router is awesome. How awesome? In a 8000-sq.ft., two-story private residence it reached to nearly every spot upwards as well as outwards. And that was using the “g-protocol.” Using the “n-protocol” (and a genuine gigabit switch and new cat-6 cabling) was outrageous in its range and speed even though only described as a mid-range wireless router.

    Plus, it is perhaps the most attractive (non-apple) router I have installed.

    I have installed two WRT310N’s so far, and I look to install more in the future.

    • Sub-Xero 5:16 pm on December 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Mikeo Mongo my brother. What happened to you man? What happened to good old fashioned zany Giant Superstar? Now all I see is boring household name. Yeah yeah much has changed in Mike’s life no more beatin round us tiny bushes no more, you gone up in the world playa, now its all tech this and real that. Well its all a lil too down to earth to me. Just cos you’re workin off a new steam now don’t mean you gotta write it as well as live it. Break the rules again post a wacky fact. Don’t make me come over there!


  • Mike Mongo 1:43 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    MGMT—Electric Feel 

    MGMT – Electric Feel from albi on Vimeo.

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